Koh Tonsay Island

Koh Tonsay, or  Rabbit Island, is the choice of visitors who would like to experience the beaches in Kampot. It comes close to the ideal tropical island, with its fine white sand, coconut palms on the beach, basic accommodations, and few tourists. There are, however, a few local families living there.

Rabbit Island is undeveloped, and the only thing that one can do here is swimming, beachcombing, and walking around. The water is shallow and there are no corals, so diving is out. Snorkeling may be good though, for there are many-colored fish in the area.

One of the best things to do here is to eat seafood, especially the crabs. Enjoy it fresh off the ocean every time you order. For those who love to get physical, the whole island is only around six kilometers around and can be walked in three hours and ran in less than one or two hours. The views include fishing communities and the occasional wildlife and household animals.